I’ve written two contemporary romance manuscripts (and counting!). My first has been picked up for publication by Harpeth Road for Summer 2024, and I’m editing the second. Check out what I’m working on below!

The Library of Second Chances

Publication Date: May 7, 2024

Bookstore owner Lucy Sullivan is a third-generation resident of tiny Heron Island, and she’s tired of outsiders coming in and destroying their small-town charm in the name of progress. The town wasn’t enough for her mother—or more recently, her ex-fiancé—but it’s been the one constant in her life, and she’s not going to sit by while it’s destroyed.

Logan Lancaster was brought in to find a profitable solution to the town’s failing budget. Lucy is a worthy opponent, and he knows he can help both the town and her struggling bookstore if only she wasn’t so stubborn. He can’t make the mistake of mixing business and pleasure again though. After all, choosing love over business had blown up in his face back in San Diego, and this is his last chance to salvage his career.

Unbeknownst to them, they’re falling in love through anonymous notes exchanged in books left in the town’s Little Free Library as Island Girl and Gatsby’s Ghost.

As they spar over the town’s waterfront, Logan helps Lucy with some ambitious plans for her bookstore. Their connection grows, but Logan must grapple with whether to reveal his true identity to Island Girl when he uncovers the truth or leave as planned. Lucy, fearing abandonment, faces the biggest risk of her life—trusting that love will make Logan stay.

Will Logan choose love over ambition, or will their secrets tear them apart? Find out in this heartfelt contemporary romance, where a Little Free Library holds the key to love and the courage to take a chance. 💌

The House That Built Me
This is a photo of the real house on my island that I used as inspiration for the house in the book.

Pop superstar Callie Jackson wants to return to her country music roots, but it means leaving the label she’s been with since she was discovered as a teenager. Raised to value loyalty above all else, she wants to honor her parents memory by making the right decision. As if that weren’t enough, Callie returns to her small hometown of Alice Island to try and stop her Uncle Lonnie from selling her childhood home to a mystery buyer and finds the annual Beach Bash that launched her career is in danger of being canceled.

Thirteen years ago when Callie left town to move to Nashville, she broke up with Jesse Callahan just as his whole world was falling apart. Forced to take on investors to save the family construction business his uncle nearly ruined, Jesse’s tired of tearing own the island’s history to make way for new homes. Now he’s hatched a plan with Lonnie to prove that historic preservation can be just as profitable as tearing down for new builds. There’s only one catch: Callie doesn’t know he’s the buyer and now she’s back in town poking around.

As their spark is reignited, can he forgive her for leaving him all those years ago and convince her that his motives for the house are good?