Hi, I’m Savannah Carlisle! Actually, about that…I’ll come back to that in a minute.

Savannah Carlisle

I’m a published nonfiction author who recently finished my first contemporary romance, a fun beach read set on a fictional island that bears a striking resemblance to the real island on which I live, Amelia Island. I’m currently editing that manuscript while it’s out on submission and working on writing a second book set in the same town that focuses on a couple of the secondary characters from the first book.⁠

Now to let you in on my little secret…my legal name is Kristi Dosh. I decided to go with a pen name when I started writing romance. People have lots of reasons for choosing to use a pen name, but as you can tell mine wasn’t anonymity. ⁠

If you happen to know me already as Kristi, then you know I’ve spent more than a decade now as a sports business reporter for outlets such as ESPN and Forbes and have published a book on the business of college football under that name. ⁠It’s also the name I used in my former life as an attorney.

Having spent around 12 years building up my platform as a sports business expert, my website and social channels under my real name are all full of dedicated sports fans…who I love. But, they’re not exactly the same demographic that might want to read romance novels.

So, I get to reinvent myself and be someone brand new, which I think will be a lot of fun. If you decide to follow me on this journey, I’m glad to have you along!

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