Coming May 2025!

Two people forced by life onto different paths. One house brings them together again.

The Summer of Starting Over is a heartwarming romance in which a fallen star must return to her coastal hometown of Big Dune Island, bringing her fame with her, and face the man she left behind.

β€œThis book has been on my radar for quite some time. I’m delighted that the stars aligned and Savannah is giving us the opportunity to publish her wonderful story,” said Jenny Hale, founder of Harpeth Road Press.

I’ve always loved the Miranda Lambert song ‘The House That Built Me,’ and I started asking myself questions about the person at the heart of that story. Combine that with my love of Taylor Swift, and you get the story of a country singer turned pop star who (unlike Taylor) has seen her career go terribly off course and must return home to find her way again.

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