The Switch from Nonfiction to Fiction and Choosing a Pen Name [Podcast]

How to write fiction and choose a pen name

If you’ve hung around long enough, you know Savannah Carlisle is a pen name. Building a new brand from scratch involves a lot of different elements from choosing the name to creating a new website and growing new social media channels.

One of the most interesting things, however, has been trying to get publicity for my pen name. You may know that I own a boutique PR agency, so I’m pretty well-versed in pitching for things like podcast interviews. However, most of my contacts want to have on Kristi Dosh the PR agency owner, not Savannah Carlisle the fiction author.

So, I decided to start with one of my best friends in the PR world, Christina Nicholson, who is the host of the podcast Become a Media Maven. We chatted all about how writing fiction has been different than writing my nonfiction books, how I chose my pen name and more.

Christina is one of my favorite people and we talk almost daily, so you basically just get to eavesdrop on a totally normal conversation we would have together! We were having so much fun we could have gone for hours.

You can check out the episode below and on all major podcast platforms.

If you’re interested in any of the resources we mentioned in the podcast, here are some links:


Romancing the Beat (I’m so obsessed with this book I own it in paperback and audiobook!)

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