18 Most Anticipated Beach Reads of 2024: Romance & Women’s Fiction

As someone who lives on an island and can walk to the beach, you can bet I love a good beach read! My Kindle is already full of advanced copies I’ve received, and it’s going to take me all summer to get through all the ones I want to read.

There are a lot of definitions of beach reads out there, but for this post I’m going to focus on beach reads actually set at the beach (otherwise this post would be 100+ books long).

Here’s a list of what look to be some of the best beach reads of 2024:

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Publication date: March 12, 2024

Love, Unscripted by Denise Hunter

Fresh from a painful breakup, Chloe Anderson finds unexpected success when her book about the perfect boyfriend becomes a Hollywood sensation. However, her dismay is palpable when she learns that notorious actor Liam Hamilton has been cast as her beloved character. In a twist of fate, they’re thrust into a PR stunt to improve Liam’s tarnished reputation, pretending to be a couple during the movie’s shoot in Chloe’s hometown. As their fake relationship blurs into genuine friendship, and perhaps more, Chloe and Liam find themselves navigating uncharted waters with unexpected consequences.

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Publication date: March 19, 2024

In a Not So Perfect World by Neely Tubati Alexander

Sloane Cooper, determined to secure her dream job as a video game designer, finds herself in a tricky situation when she promises to remain single during her interview. Enter Charlie, her attractive neighbor, who offers her a trip to a resort in Turks and Caicos, originally planned with his ex. In exchange for posing as Charlie’s girlfriend to make his ex jealous, Sloane agrees, hoping to use the getaway to impress her potential employers. Despite their undeniable chemistry, Sloane knows she can’t let her feelings for Charlie derail her professional ambitions, especially when he’s still pining for his ex. As they navigate their fake relationship in paradise, Sloane grapples with moving past heartbreak, achieving her career goals, and resisting the allure of love.

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Publication date: April 2, 2024

Tourist Season by Brenda Novak

As Ismay Chalmers anticipates a peaceful summer with her fiancé at his family’s beachfront cottage, a looming hurricane disrupts her plans. Alone in the cottage, she stumbles upon a mysterious revelation in her fiancé’s childhood closet, leading her to seek solace in the company of the caretaker, Bo. As they weather the storm together, Ismay finds herself drawn to Bo’s quiet strength, sparking unexpected feelings and causing her to reassess her future. However, the arrival of a family member complicates matters, altering Ismay’s summer in unforeseen ways. As she grows closer to Bo, she begins to uncover his own secrets, prompting her to question the trust she places in the men in her life and in her own heart.

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Publication date: April 23, 2024

The Summer We Started Over by Nancy Thayer

Eddie Grant, personal assistant to renowned author Dinah Lavender, seeks a change and heads back to Nantucket to help her sister Barrett open a gift shop. But returning home means facing unresolved family issues, including their father’s eccentricities and a complicated past love connection. As they navigate family dynamics and uncover a long-buried secret, the Grant sisters embark on a journey of healing and resilience, opening a used bookstore in their father’s abandoned barn to confront their past and shape their future.

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Publication date: April 30, 2024

The Golden Hour by Jenny Hale

After her father’s death, Josie Wills sacrifices her dreams to care for her autistic brother Nick. Leaving behind her first love Julian, Josie embraces her role as Nick’s caregiver, finding solace in the echoes of her mother’s love. Despite financial struggles in their small town, Josie sells everything to support Nick’s passion for math, leading them to Rosemary Beach. There, she unexpectedly reunites with Julian. Amidst the serene coastal backdrop, Josie uncovers a life-altering mystery, testing the limits of love and reshaping their futures forever.

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The Library of Second Chances cover with a blonde woman in a pink dress walking up to a Little Free Library with the beach in the background

Publication Date: May 7, 2024

The Library of Second Chances by Savannah Carlisle

In the tranquil village of Heron Isle, bookstore owner Lucy Sullivan cherishes her slow-paced life, filled with beachside walks and heartfelt conversations with her best friend. When the town library closes, Lucy maintains the Little Free Library, delighted by the book recommendations and anonymous notes left within. However, her peaceful existence is disrupted when Logan Lancaster arrives to address the town’s budget deficit, proposing waterfront development that threatens Heron Isle’s charm. As Lucy and Logan clash over their opposing views in public forums, they remain unaware that they’ve been exchanging anonymous notes in the Little Free Library. As their connection deepens, Lucy wonders if their budding romance will jeopardize the idyllic life she has worked so hard to preserve in Heron Isle.

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Publication Date: May 7, 2024

Summers at the Saint by Mary Kay Andrews

At the revered St. Cecelia, social status is divided between “Saints” and “Ain’ts.” Traci Eddings, once an outsider, now owns the hotel after marrying the boss’s son. Determined to revive its former glory despite financial woes and family betrayal, Traci hires a diverse summer staff, including her estranged best friend’s daughter. However, revelations about a past tragedy and a recent death threaten Traci’s efforts. With courage and cunning, she strives to uncover truths, confront adversaries, and maybe even find love. Mary Kay Andrews weaves a tale of resilience and redemption, blending humor, suspense, and heartfelt moments in Summers at the Saint.

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Publication Date: May 7, 2024

This Summer Will be Different by Carley Fortune

Lucy, a tourist on Prince Edward Island, unknowingly falls for Felix, her best friend Bridget’s younger brother. Despite their undeniable chemistry, they agree to keep their distance. However, Lucy’s annual visits to PEI always lead her back to Felix, despite her promises to herself. When Bridget flees before her wedding, Lucy rushes to her side, determined to support her friend and resist Felix’s charms. But as circumstances change, Lucy questions whether her heart is truly safe from Felix’s allure.

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Publication Date: May 7, 2024

The Summer Swap by Sarah Morgan

Cecilia Lapthorne never imagined returning to Dune Cottage, but on her seventieth birthday, she finds herself drawn back to the remote Cape Cod retreat, brimming with memories. Aspiring artist Lily, seeking solace after leaving medical school, has been quietly inhabiting the cottage until Cecilia’s arrival disrupts her sanctuary. Despite initial tensions, an unexpected bond forms between them. When Cecilia’s grandson, Todd, enters the picture, it shakes up their dynamic, prompting both women to reassess their paths and embrace new possibilities amidst the shifting sands of summer.

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Publication Date: May 14, 2024

A Storybook Wedding by KJ Micciche

Caught in a compromising situation during their MFA program, librarian Cecily Jane Allerton and struggling author Nate Ellis opt for a marriage of convenience to protect their careers. Much to Cecily’s family’s dismay, they elope to City Hall, returning to Block Island to maintain the charade of wedded bliss. As they navigate their fake relationship, they find themselves drawn to each other despite their initial intentions. With Cecily competing for a literary award and Nate battling writer’s block, they plan to annul the marriage after the program ends. However, as their connection deepens, unforeseen complications arise, testing their arrangement in unexpected ways.

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Publication Date: May 21, 2024

The Charmed Friends of Trove Isle by Annie Rains

Returning to her hometown of Trove Isle, NC after a decade away, Melody Palmer unexpectedly inherits her great aunt’s thrift store, Hidden Treasures, where she discovers the long-lost charm bracelet she shared with her high school friends, Liz, Bri, and her sister Alyssa. As Melody reconnects with her past, she crosses paths with Liz, who remained in Trove Isle but struggles with guilt over Alyssa’s tragic accident, and Bri, who served time in prison and is now preparing to reenter society. Despite the years that have passed and the challenges they’ve faced, the bond of friendship represented by the bracelet remains, offering hope for reconciliation and a brighter future as they navigate their past and present together, one charm at a time.

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Publication Date: May 21, 2024

Fly Away Summer by Lindsay Gibson

After losing her family’s Cape Cod inn, Lana Kelly has successfully transformed her father’s old fish market into a thriving restaurant. However, her dream of expanding the business to include the inn is dashed when it’s purchased by Hunter Graham, a developer from New York City. As Lana grapples with the disappointment and the challenge of increased competition, she must confront her feelings about her new neighbor and come to terms with the uncertain future of the inn. Along the tranquil shores of the bay, Lana is forced to confront difficult truths, unsure if she’ll lose the inn forever or discover something unexpected.

Publication Date: June 4, 2024

The Seaside Sisters by Pamela Kelley

Hannah, a bestselling author in Brooklyn, struggles to write her second book following personal losses. Meanwhile, her sister Sara, living in their hometown of Chatham, Cape Cod, juggles family duties and dreams of reigniting her passion for literature.

When Hannah retreats to their aunt’s oceanfront house in Chatham for the summer, she hopes to find inspiration and reconnect with Sara. Together, they navigate family responsibilities, rediscover old flames like Spencer, and embrace the enchantment of books and beach life.

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Publication Date: June 4, 2024

Meet Me in Tahiti by Georgia Toffolo

Zoe Tayler has faced battles her entire life, from asserting her independence against her parents to adjusting to life in a wheelchair after a car accident at eighteen. When Finn Doherty, the person she once trusted, shattered her heart, Zoe focused on building a successful career as a travel writer. However, when tasked with reviewing Finn’s new luxury hotel in the South Pacific, old wounds are reopened. Despite their painful past, as they reconnect amidst the exotic beauty of the islands, Zoe and Finn confront their shared history and contemplate the possibility of a future together. Yet, Zoe must confront her deepest desires if she is to overcome the biggest battle of all—her own heart.

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Publication Date: June 11, 2024

Swan Song by Elin Hilderbrand

As Chief of Police Ed Kapenash prepares for retirement and Sharon navigates a divorce, the arrival of the mysterious Richardsons, with their extravagant lifestyle and questionable wealth source, sets off a whirlwind of drama in the tight-knit community. Their opulent parties and conspicuous consumption captivate the island, but when their mansion burns down and a crucial employee disappears, suspicion and chaos engulf Nantucket. Elin Hilderbrand’s final Nantucket novel, “Swan Song,” is sure to be a must-read for fans as she brings back beloved characters against the timeless backdrop of Nantucket.

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Publication Date: June 25, 2024

A Happier Life by Kristy Woodson Harvey

In the present day, Keaton Smith has been called upon to help her mother sell her childhood home in Beaufort, North Carolina, a house she didn’t know about that turns out to be full of family secrets. Meanwhile, in 1976, Rebecca “Becks” Saint James finds herself torn between her public persona as a renowned hostess and her private struggles. As both women navigate challenges and decisions, they are bound together across time by the enigmatic house on Sunset Lane, guarding generations of family secrets, hopes, and dreams.

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Publication Date: July 16, 2024

The Design of Us by Sajni Patel

Bhanu is competing for a promotion against her nemesis, Sunny, during a visit to her family in Hawai’i. When Bhanu impulsively claims to be Sunny’s girlfriend to save him from his ex’s criticism, their pretend relationship becomes the talk of a friend’s wedding party. Despite their constant quarrels, they agree to maintain the ruse to avoid tension during the festivities. As they navigate meddling families and eager friends, their bond strengthens amidst the looming promotion. With tensions rising and feelings developing, will they be able to resist the allure of romance during their island getaway?

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Publication Date: August 6, 2024

The Group Trip by Audrey Ingram

Sloane, Alden, Chloe, Luke, Marianne, and Wyatt, six friends bonded since college, journey through the ups and downs of adulthood together, supporting each other through love, heartbreak, career highs and lows, and memorable dance parties. However, Chloe’s unexpected rejection of Luke’s proposal shatters their tight-knit group, leaving their friendship in uncertain territory. To address the fractures, they reluctantly agree to a luxury getaway on Florida’s Emerald Coast, where secrets are revealed, and they confront the changes within themselves and their relationships. Set against the backdrop of beach bonfires and seafood dinners, The Group Trip delves into the complexities of evolving friendships, from the joy and pain of growing apart to coming together again.

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