Harpeth Road Has Acquired My Debut Contemporary Romance Novel!

Even as I type this, I still don’t believe it’s finally happening . . .

I’m going to be a published romance author as of Summer 2024!!!

Not only that, I’m being published by my dream publisher, Harpeth Road!

I’ve been a huge fan of author (and founder of Harpeth Road) Jenny Hale for years, and her own story of being one of the first authors with her initial publisher (Bookouture) has always inspired me. She’s been gracious enough to answer questions for me over the years, and as soon as I heard she was founding her own publishing company a few years back, I knew I wanted to publish with her.

When I started writing what will now be my debut novel (but was my second full manuscript), I did so with Harpeth Road in mind. When I say it was my dream to publish with this press, I mean it!

Savannah Carlisle debut novel announcement in Publishers Marketplace

My Debut Novel

Wondering what the book is about? Here’s the blurb I wrote when I started querying agents and publishers:

Bookstore owner Lucy Sullivan is a third-generation resident of tiny Heron Island, and she’s tired of outsiders coming in and destroying their small-town charm in the name of progress. The town wasn’t enough for her mother—or more recently, her ex-fiancé—but it’s been the one constant in her life and she’s not going to sit by while it’s destroyed.

Logan Lancaster was brought in to find a profitable solution to the town’s failing budget. Lucy is a worthy opponent, and he knows he can help both the town and her struggling bookstore if only she wasn’t so stubborn. He can’t make the mistake of mixing business and pleasure again though. After all, choosing love over business had blown up in his face back in San Diego, and this is his last chance to salvage the career he worked so hard to establish.

When Logan finds out Lucy is Golden Age Girl, he hatches a plan to win her over—just for the sake of his career, he tells himself. Lucy can’t help but be charmed by Logan as they spend more time together and he helps her with her business challenges. Between him and the advice she’s been getting from Gatsby’s Ghost, she’s taking bigger risks than she’s ever taken in her career.

But she knows he’s leaving as soon as the project is over. He’s moving on to bigger and better things like everyone else she’s watched leave the town—and her—behind.

When he wins her trust as Logan, finding a way to save the waterfront, will he destroy it when he tells her he’s Gatsby’s Ghost?  Is she prepared to take the biggest risk of her life and trust that he’ll be the one to stay?

You can check out the press release Harpeth Road put out today below.

Press Release

Harpeth Road Signs Author Kristi Dosh, Writing as Savannah Carlisle

We are over the moon to share the news that Founder and Director Jenny Hale has acquired world rights, including audio, from Kristi Dosh for a new romantic fiction novel.

No stranger to the craft, Kristi has written for popular magazines such as PopSugar, Glamour, Woman’s Day, and Bustle. And, a former ESPN Sports Business Reporter, she is the author of the non-fiction title Saturday Millionaires: How Winning Football Builds Winning Colleges. As a fiction author, Kristi will be writing under the name of her alter ego Savannah Carlisle.

Harpeth Road Press will publish Savannah Carlisle’s debut romantic fiction title in the summer of 2024. Her novel is set in the fictional town of Heron Isle, where beach bookstore owner Lucy Sullivan finds herself up against the handsome outsider Logan Lancaster, who needs his development plan to be a success to save his career. The only thing they have in common is their mutual interest in mysterious love notes that keep surfacing in the little free library in front of the bookstore….

Jenny said,

“I’m beyond thrilled to be launching the Savannah Carlisle brand with Kristi Dosh. Her writing pulled me in and had me hooked with stunning scenery and a fast-paced lightness that just felt like summer. I truly believe that this debut has real international appeal and bestseller potential.”

Kristi said,

“Publishing with Harpeth Road is a dream come true. Jenny Hale has long been an author who inspires me, and having her believe in me and my novel is the ultimate compliment. I can’t wait for readers to meet Lucy and Logan and take a little mental vacation to Heron Isle!”

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