Book Review: Dark Corners by Megan Goldin

I loved The Night Swim by Megan Goldin, so when I found out she wrote another book with true crime podcaster Rachel Krall as the main character, I couldn’t wait to read (well, listen) to it!

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This time, Rachel is trying to locate a prominent influencer who mysteriously vanishes after a visit to a suspected serial killer. I’ve read some really good books with true crime podcasters and influencers at the center of the story, so the description of this one sounded great.

Terence Bailey, a soon-to-be-released ex-convict with a history of breaking and entering, has long been under suspicion for the murders of six women. Intriguingly, just before his release date, he receives an unexpected visit from Maddison Logan, a young and immensely popular influencer boasting a massive social media following.

Alas, shortly after their meeting, Maddison goes missing, prompting the authorities to fear she has been abducted or met a graver fate. The question arises: What was the connection between Maddison’s visit to Bailey and her subsequent disappearance?

Faced with a perplexing investigation, the FBI reluctantly seeks Rachel Krall’s expertise in locating the missing influencer. With an existence seemingly confined to the realms of social media, Maddison’s actual identity remains elusive, devoid of family and friends outside of her online presence. Employing a fake Instagram account, Rachel infiltrates BuzzCon, a prominent influencer conference, to unearth a world of intense rivalry that may have taken a perilous turn.

As the plot thickens, a chilling revelation emerges when the police discover the body of a woman adorned with a tattoo mirroring one Rachel noticed on Bailey’s hand. This discovery leads to the unnerving possibility that Bailey might have an accomplice on the outside, one with an alarming fixation on influencers, including Rachel Krall herself.

I couldn’t stop listening to this one. It was so compelling, with so many good twists and turns. It definitely kept me guessing, and I think I loved it even more than The Night Swim!

If you like audiobooks, I definitely recommend this one as an audiobook. They did a great job of having little podcast updates that sounded like a real podcast interspersed through the story as Rachel tries to unravel the clues. It was definitely a fun and creative way to do this audiobook!


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