Book Review: The Summer Swap by Sarah Morgan

What a delightful summer read! The Summer Swap is one of my favorite beach reads so far this year – an uplifting story full of heart, hope and strong female bonds.

This charming novel transports you to the beautiful Cape Cod shores, where seventy-five year old Cecilia makes an unexpected return to her beloved Dune Cottage. As she revisits memories from her marriage to the volatile artist Cameron, Cecilia unexpectedly finds herself taking in a young houseguest—aspiring artist Lily, who is licking her own wounds after disappointing her parents’ dreams for her future.

Despite an awkward first meeting, a lovely inter-generational friendship blossoms between the two summer guests. Morgan has a deft way of making you feel like you’re right there listening in on their conversations over lemonade on the porch. When Cecilia’s grandson Todd arrives—bringing some romantic tension for Lily’s longtime crush—the romance kicks in.

It’s one of those books that takes you on a little vacation and makes you wish you could move right into the cottage alongside Cecilia and Lily!

The Summer Swap will take you on an engaging journey exploring second chances, overcoming regrets, and having the courage to pursue your true passions in life. The resilient spirits of Cecilia and Lily will inspire you to live life to the fullest this summer.

A thoroughly charming, uplifting tale – this is the perfect heartwarming book to throw in your beach bag! Need more summer reads? Check out our list of can’t-miss new beach reads!


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