Book Review: The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose

Having committed to reading more books lately, I was on the hunt for a good audiobook when I met author Jeneva Rose in a Facebook group. When I saw others praising the audiobook, I knew I’d found my next read . . . er, listen.

The Perfect Marriage was everything I hoped it would be both in a thriller and in an audiobook. I love stories with alternating viewpoints, and that’s even more enjoyable when you’re listening to an audiobook. Voice actors can make or break a story, and these were both great.

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As you may know, I’m a “recovering attorney” (i.e., I still have my law license but no longer practice), so I’m a sucker for a novel with an attorney character. The attorney in this one is Sarah Morgan, a successful criminal defense attorney in Washington, D.C. Sarah is exceptional at her job, quickly having risen to partner in her firm. She’s always just so, never a hair out of place.

Then there’s her husband Adam, a struggling writer who hasn’t written a book in years. He’s tired of never feeling like enough and constantly coming in second place to Sarah’s job. So, he convinces her to buy a lake house where he can focus on his writing, and it’s not long before he finds a girlfriend nearby, Kelly Summers.

When Kelly is found brutally stabbed to death in Adam and Sarah’s bed at the lake house, Adam is quickly the prime suspect. His only hope? His wife.

Sarah takes on defending Adam, even as she reels from the knowledge of his infidelity and the evidence against him. Kelly has a sordid past of her own, once accused of murdering her husband, and there’s evidence someone else knew about their affair. Can Sarah find enough evidence to set him free?

In my opinion, the best thrillers are the ones that keep you guessing, constantly twisting just as you thought you had it all figured out. This was definitely one of those books!

I have to admit, I also loved this book because I learned the author was turned down by all the major publishing houses and decided to publish on her own. Not only has the book quickly become a bestseller, but the author also just sold the film rights. I love a good underdog story!

If you love thrillers, this is one I highly recommend, especially if you want to give the audiobook a whirl.

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