Book Review: The Missing Woman by Georgina Cross

Continuing my audiobook binge, I dove into The Missing Woman by Georgina Cross last week (pun intended: the book begins poolside, haha). This was another good audiobook that I flew right through in a couple of days.

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For me, a good audiobook keeps my attention but doesn’t leave me completely confused if I miss a few seconds because someone says hi to me while I’m walking the dog. Bonus points if you keep me guessing. This one did the trick!

Although the reader learns what’s happening before the end, it did keep me guessing up until the truth was revealed. I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll leave it at that.

Beautiful, rich Sabine has gone missing and our narrator, Erica, was the last one to see her. It’s the Fourth of July and the whole neighborhood is hanging out by the community pool when Sabine catches Erica’s eye and gives her a look that leaves Erica unnerved. As she leaves the pool later, Erica stumbles upon Sabine’s charm bracelet. Unfortunately, she won’t get a chance to return it because Sabine has gone missing.

Did someone kidnap her from her house, where blood is found on the floor? Did they throw her in the trunk of a car after chasing her through the woods? Or did she grab a passport and skip town for some reason?

The neighborhood gossip is running wild with theories. As someone who lives in a small town where my neighbors are constantly in Facebook groups and on Nextdoor talking about the local goings on, I liked the online chats worked into the story. Very realistic, at least where I live.

I’m sure this one is good in print too, but I’m recommending The Missing Woman as a good audiobook that’s a quick listen.

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