Book Review: The Holiday Plan by Emma Lynden

A book set in a castle around Valentine’s Day? Well, of course I wanted to read that story!

The Holiday Plan by Emma Lynden is a sweet and charming Valentine’s story with a beautiful setting and lovable characters.

New Yorker Verona Scott decides to escape to Courtington Castle in the Adirondacks for Valentine’s Day in search of a respite from the holiday after a bad breakup. She just needs a little peace and quiet so she can break her writer’s block and draft her next novel. Unfortunately, she finds herself smack in the middle of a matchmaking event, pink and red hearts and roses everywhere. Basically, her worst nightmare.

Being surrounded by hopeful singles and an explosion of Valentine’s decor is only made tolerable by charismatic single dad and dating coach, Troy Turner. When she caves and agrees to attend some of his events, she tells herself it’s only for research and inspiration for her book.

Troy does indeed inspire her, and maybe (if she’s being honest) she’s not only spending time with him for research purposes. Just as she’s beginning to really let herself fall, however, someone from her past arrives at the castle and reopens old wounds.

The Holiday Plan skillfully blends romance, humor, and unforeseen twists. A heartwarming celebration of unexpected joy and transformation, it’s a story that explores love’s unpredictable nature against the backdrop of an absolutely charming setting. I definitely recommend you add this one to your TBR list!

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