Book Review: The Five-Star Weekend by Elin Hilderbrand

I am a devoted Elin Hilderbrand fan (here’s my suggested reading order for Elin Hilderbrand books!), so The Five-Star Weekend was an auto-buy for me when it was released this summer. And let me tell you: it is one of my top five favorite books of hers! Maybe even top three—it’s too hard to choose.

If you love stories about female friendship, get ready for this one . . .

Hollis, the creative force behind the renowned food blog “Hungry with Hollis,” appears to have it all—a flourishing career and a marriage to the swoon-worthy heart surgeon, Matthew. Yet, a heated exchange on a snowy morning shatters their idyllic façade when fate takes Matthew away in a tragic accident (don’t worry, this isn’t a spoiler, it’s in the book’s description).

In the wake of this loss, the fault lines in Hollis’s seemingly perfect existence—strained marital bonds and a complex relationship with her daughter, Caroline—deepen. A ray of hope appears when Hollis learns about the “Five-Star Weekend,” a unique concept where a woman curates a retreat with friends from every phase of her life. Inspired, Hollis decides to create her own version on the enchanting shores of Nantucket, seeking solace and connection. (Seriously, now I want to plan one of these weekends!)

Set against the backdrop of the sun-soaked Nantucket, the Five-Star Weekend unfolds as an enchanting tale of camaraderie, romance, and personal revelation.

But this is no ordinary Hallmark tale. The Five-Star Weekend brings together a diverse cast of characters, each with their own trials to overcome. Tatum navigates a challenging dynamic with the prickly Dru-Ann, Hollis’s college confidante, whose successful career is under threat. Brooke confronts marital turmoil as revelations of her husband’s workplace affair surface yet again. Amidst this intricate web of lives, Gigi, an enigmatic stranger, emerges from the shadows, surprising everyone with her remarkable grace and a treasure trove of secrets.

And don’t worry. There’s romance too! Tatum’s husband orchestrates an unexpected reunion with Jack Finigan, Hollis’s first love, rekindling old emotions.

Prepare to be swept away by this captivating narrative, where the shimmering waves and gentle sea breeze mirror the ebb and flow of human relationships. The Five-Star Weekend is one of my favorite Elin Hilderbrand novels of all time, and I hope it will be one of yours too!

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