Book Review: The Christmas Promise by Lindsay Gibson

If you love Hallmark Christmas movies like I do, you’re going to love The Christmas Promise by Lindsay Gibson. I got an advanced copy of the audiobook from NetGalley, and I listened to the whole thing in one day it was so good!

In this heartwarming tale, we follow art buyer (and artist) Charlotte Moore on a journey that starts out as work but quickly becomes very personal.

Charlotte has been handed a golden opportunity to lead the prestigious Wallace Gallery’s Christmas charity gala, with her chief duty being to secure a painting to headline the event. However, a twist of fate has something else in store for her when, in a moment of panic, she impulsively bids on an unassuming sunset landscape by an unknown artist.

As Charlotte works to uncover the mystery behind the painting’s artist, and the beautiful ruby ring depicted in the image, she finds herself in the enchanting coastal town of Seabreeze, the very place depicted in the mysterious painting. With a raging nor’easter outside, she seeks refuge at the cozy Cove Hill Inn, a charming historic home brimming with the magic of Christmas.

Of course, the owners of the inn have a ruggedly handsome son, Aiden Bennett, whose charms prove to be a delightful distraction. I listened to author Lindsay Gibson on the Hallmarkies podcast, and the host suggested Luke Macfarlane would be perfect to play Aiden if the book becomes a movie, and I couldn’t agree more.

As Charlotte gets closer to the identity of the artist, she unravels a family secret that holds the power to impact the lives of everyone in Seabreeze, including herself and Aiden.

Come along on Charlotte’s captivating journey, where the festive magic of Christmas and the magnetic force of love come together to create a charming narrative that will warm your heart and leave you wanting more.


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