Book Review: The Book Proposal by KJ Micciche

I haven’t stopped raving about this book since I listened to it last month. It’s in my top three reads for all of 2023!

I listened to The Book Proposal last month on a long drive from Florida to Colorado, and it definitely made the miles fly by. I highly recommend this one as an audiobook—the narrators are absolutely fabulous on this one. I listen to a half dozen or so audiobooks a month, and these narrators had more personality than I’ve ever heard conveyed in an audiobook. Seriously, they’re so good!

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What happens when you have one too many cocktails and decide to email your high school crush? Gracie Landing is about to find out.

In the midst of a painful breakup, and grappling with a stubborn case of writer’s block, romance writer Gracie finds herself at a crossroads. She can hardly be faulted for indulging in a few too many cocktails during a night out with her closest friends as she attempts to lift her spirits.

The cringeworthy part of the evening, however, is when she impulsively sends an email to her unrequited high school crush, Colin Yarmouth, who has since evolved into a successful attorney with his own set of regrets.

To Gracie’s delightful surprise, Colin’s response is not only friendly but carries a subtle undercurrent of flirtation. Her acute embarrassment is quickly overshadowed by an intense curiosity that ignites her imagination. What could a grown-up Colin be like? Their connection blossoms into an unexpected and heartwarming friendship, one that appears destined for something deeper.

As Colin shares his own stories of heartbreak, Gracie finds inspiration for her current work-in-progress, and her writing takes flight. However, as the looming deadline and dwindling checking account add pressure to her life, she remains blissfully unaware that incorporating Colin’s tale into her work may unwittingly disrupt her career, her personal life, and her own pursuit of a happily-ever-after.

Add The Book Proposal to your TBR immediately! And even if you don’t normally listen to audiobooks, I think this is the one that will change your mind.


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