Book Review: Swan Song by Elin Hilderbrand

As someone who’s devoured every single one of Elin Hilderbrand’s books, I have to say that Swan Song was indeed the perfect swan song for her Nantucket series! But make sure you check out these books to read before Swan Song so you get the full experience with the returning characters.

This book is like a delicious cocktail of everything we love about Elin’s writing. You’ve got Ed, our soon-to-retire police chief, and Blond Sharon, dealing with divorce drama. But when the Richardsons roll into town with their mega-mansion and mysterious millions, that’s when the party really starts!

Elin serves up her signature mix of glitz, gossip, and good old-fashioned island charm. The Richardsons are living large with their yachts (plural!), wild parties, and enough flirting to make your head spin. But when things go southโ€”we’re talking a house fire and a vanishing actโ€”the whole island loses its mind!

What I love most is how Elin brings back some of our fave characters for this final Nantucket hurrah. And let’s be real, the true star of the show is always Nantucket itself.

I listened to this one on audio (as well as snagging a signed copy during pre-orders!), and I loved that Elin herself read the final chapter. There’s also a great interview at the end of the audiobook with her narrator. Even if you don’t normally listen to audiobooks, if you’re a big Elin fan, you have to grab the audio of this one if only for that final chapter and interview!

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Swan Song is the perfect sendoff to a series that’s been as reliable as a Nantucket summer. โ›ต


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