Book Review: Sunrise Cabin by Stacey Donovan

Can a book about fall in the mountains still be a beach read?

Why, of course it can! Because this is my site and I make the rules, haha.

But seriously, my definition of a beach read is anything you can enjoy reading on the beach. I think most beach reads are romance, women’s fiction, thrillers or best sellers, but I’m pretty flexible with my definition.

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I read Sunrise Cabin by Stacey Donovan as an ebook when it first came out two years ago as Hallmark Publishing was being launched, but this year it’s being released in mass market paperback (November 24, 2020). As I’m currently in Florida trying to will fall into being, it seemed like a good time to go back and review this one!

The Colorado scenery paired with the sweet little cabin at the center of this novel feel like snuggling into a blanket with a warm mug of apple cider…or hot chocolate…or coffee, whatever you choose. No doubt, you too will want to fight our characters Paige and Dylan for ownership of the cabin so you can move right in.

Paige is a schoolteacher who is currently renting the cabin, but she’s begun to let herself dream that she might be able to buy it if she could just sell the children’s stories she’s been writing. However, news of the sale has also reached Dylan, who has his own reasons for feeling attached to this particular cabin.

After two chance encounters in a bakery cafe, Paige and Dylan begin to have a sweet little flirtation, neither knowing about the other’s connection to the cabin. It’s Dylan who first learns that Paige is living in the cabin and wants to buy it, but he’s hesitant to open up and tell her about his own connection to it.

There are a lot of familiar Hallmark tropes in this one. Struggling writer, stressed out businessman, the draw of an idyllic life in a out-of-the-way setting (this one is set on the far west side of Denver a 40-minute drive to town). But guess what? I love all that stuff! I used to be a corporate lawyer in Atlanta, and now I’m a writer who lives in a small town. Folks, this is real life for some of us!

And even if it’s not your real life, you’ll get caught up in the stunning views, rustic cabin and romance of it all too. I guarantee it!

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