Book Review: Starting Over Scottish by Tricia O’Malley

I was waiting until closer to Christmas to publish this review because I finished it after the holidays last season, but decided to go ahead with it 1) because I’m all about Christmas any time of year, and 2) I wanted it for a new post on The Best Enemies to Lovers Books!

Starting Over Scottish by Tricia O’Malley was a legit laugh-out-loud variety of enemies to lovers with a big helping of spice via a very sculpted Scotsman. I listened to the audiobook and loved both narrators, Amy Landon and Will Watt. Any romance book with a Scottish male lead definitely deserves to be listened to instead of read!

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When Harper arrives in Scotland to start fresh after a difficult breakup, she’s in for quite the surprise—a kilted, brooding, and incredibly handsome Scotsman is already occupying the apartment she rented! With no vacancies left in town due to the holidays, Harper and the gruff but charming Scot must reluctantly share the cozy flat.

The banter between the two stubborn lead characters is a highlight, full of witty quips and sparkling sexual tension. But the real stars are the delightful setting of the local pub and the war kitten (seriously, just wait). As Harper embraces Scottish culture and falls in love with the tight-knit community, she finds an unexpected cause to fight for in trying to save the beloved pub from destruction.

O’Malley’s skill is making you feel like you’re cozied up by the fire at the pub itself, surrounded by friendly faces, the smell of ale, and maybe a kilt-clad hunk or two. With a satisfying enemies-to-lovers romance, an empowering message about community, and endless Christmas cheer, Starting Over Scottish is a true delight. A perfect choice for readers seeking an uplifting, humorous festive escape, but be aware this is no Hallmark Christmas movie—there’s lots of spice!

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