Book Review: Someone Just Like You by Meredith Schorr

I’ve followed Meredith Schorr on Twitter for years—and I absolutely loved her last rom com, As Seen on TV—so I was grateful to be able to recently read and review an advanced copy of her new book, Someone Just Like You. Releasing on July 25, 2023, you’re going to want to grab this one if you love a good rom com with scheming rivals.

Molly Blum has spent practically her entire life at odds with Jude Stark. Growing up as neighbors, their parents and siblings are all great friends, but Molly and Jude’s friendship went sideways in grade school and never recovered.

Molly thinks Jude is a slacker who’s gotten through life solely on charm, while he thinks she’s a goody two-shoes who’s only ever made him look bad. Their lives have been filled with a continuous stream of one-upmanship in the form of pranks, some of which went a little too far. After a high school joke went too far, they’ve managed to steer clear of one another.

Now, however, they’ve found themselves thrown together again to help plan a huge joint anniversary party for their parents, reigniting their rivalry. Amidst the snide remarks and playful mischief, an unexpected development occurs—Molly and Jude form a hesitant friendship, and an underlying spark of sexual tension begins to emerge. Perhaps it’s because both have been dating people who resemble the other, or maybe it’s due to the realization that neither is as awful as they once believed.

Without a doubt, Molly and Jude have become experts in the fine art of despising each other. However, learning how to navigate their new feelings for one another might just be the challenge of a lifetime.

If you love rom coms—especially those with lots of A+ scheming—you’re going to love this one!

If you haven’t read Schorr’s last book, As Seen on TV, make sure you check it out too!


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