Book Review: If the Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy

I recently started plotting out a new manuscript that’s a fun take on one of my favorite guilty pleasure TV shows: Married at First Sight. For inspiration, I asked for book recommendations for a new read that features a reality TV dating show. Someone mentioned If the Shoe Fits . . . and dear readers, in my case the shoe did indeed fit.

I absolutely loved this book. It was exactly what I was looking for in terms of getting me in the headspace to work on my own novel, but it was also perfect for The Bachelor/Bachelorette fan in me (I’ve watched since Season 1!).

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Cindy is a fashion school grad with a passion for shoes who’s looking for a way to jumpstart her career. When she returns home to live with her stepmother and care for her half-siblings, she’s not exactly sure what her next step should be, but she certainly never expected it to be appearing on the dating reality show her stepmother produces.

As the first plus-size contestant on Before Midnight, Cindy didn’t expect to last on the show long. However, her unexpected connection with the bachelor keeps her in the running, all while her honest commentary and body-positive attitude is winning over America.

While Cindy did hope showcasing her shoe designs on television would catapult her career, she didn’t expect to have to make a decision between that career and pursuing love.

How will Cindy write her fairytale ending? Grab a copy of If the Shoe Fits and find out!

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