Book Review: Happy Place by Emily Henry

Emily Henry books have become an auto-purchase for me ever since I read Beach Read, so I preordered Happy Place months in advance. I think this was the first of her books I’ve read as an audiobook, and the narrator was great.

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There’s nothing quite like an annual getaway to an idyllic Maine beach house with your best friends to help you reset and heal your heartache. But, if you haven’t told your friends about your recent breakup, it might just get ruined when they surprise you by inviting your ex-fiancĂ©.

Harriet and Wyn were secretly dating for awhile before they even told their friends years ago, afraid it might ruin the group dynamics. Ever since, however, they’ve been the golden couple. In fact, their relationship even inspired two of their other friends to date each other.

That’s why it’s been so hard to tell their friends they broke up five months ago. So, instead, they’ll just try and fake their way through the weekend . . . while sharing a bedroom. But, the more they fake it, the more real it feels.

I loved the flashbacks expertly woven throughout Happy Place that gave us glimpses at Harriet and Wyn’s early relationship and its eventual demise. All the while, they’re fighting through the thick memories engulfing them at the beach house amongst their closest friends.

And as if the romance alone isn’t enough to make this a must-read, the dynamics of the friend group add another dimension. Henry expertly explores how friendships change from college into adulthood.

Happy Place is another fantastic story from Emily Henry. If you love second chance romances like me, you’re going to love this one!


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