Book Review: Gone Tonight by Sarah Pekkanen

I have loved every book co-written by Sarah Pekkanen and Greer Hendricks, so I grabbed the audiobook of Gone Tonight by Sarah as soon as I saw it on NetGalley.

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Is there anything more prone to volatility than the mother-daughter relationship? That always makes for an interesting book, and this story is no exception!

Catherine Sterling is convinced she understands her mother completely. Ruth Sterling is a reserved and diligent woman whose sole purpose in life is her daughter. Throughout their lives, they have faced the world together as an inseparable duo.

However, Catherine is now eager to venture out, leave their home, and embark on a new career. Ruth Sterling, on the other hand, is determined to do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening.

Ruth Sterling firmly believes she comprehends her daughter entirely. Catherine would never defy her or question anything about her mother’s past or origins.

Nevertheless, as Ruth desperately strives to keep her daughter close, the relentless pursuit starts to expose fractures in Ruth’s meticulously crafted existence. Consequently, both mother and daughter find themselves entangled in a web of deceit and deception.

If you liked Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter, I think you’ll enjoy this one too! It has that same great mother-daughter tension where the mother is desperately trying to protect her daughter from her past.

This wasn’t a story with a big shocking twist you never saw coming. Instead, it doles out details from the past in small pieces that keep you coming back for more. Done well (like this one is), I think these kinds of stories are every bit as good as the ones that make you gasp from shock when the big twist is revealed.

I listened to this one as an audiobook (thanks to NetGalley and Macmillan Audio), and it was really well done. You might even recognize the voiceโ€”Kate Mara from shows and movies like House of Cards and The Martian.

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