Book Review: Every Time I Go On Vacation Someone Dies by Catherine Mack

Every Time I Go on Vacation Someone Dies is a little outside of the genres I normally read, but I was enticed by the cover, title and description when I saw it on Netgalley. This funny amateur sleuth mystery turned out to be a great listen with a main character whose personality leapt off the page (or sprung from my headphones?).

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Eleanor Dash has two priorities: get through her book tour in Italy for the latest installment of her Vacation Mysteries series and kill off her main character, Connor Smith. When a real-life attempt is made on the life of the actual Connor Smith—the charming con man who has long been the inspiration for Eleanor’s popular book series character—the bestselling author finds herself reluctantly drawn into an intriguing real-life murder mystery.

With a colorful cast of potential suspects including jealous literary rivals, obsessive fans, and even an unexpected visit from her ex-lover Oliver, Eleanor must untangle a web of motives and tensions simmering just beneath the idyllic surface of her Italian book tour. Dash deftly weaves an engrossing whodunit brimming with delightful insider details about the book world, memorable characters you can’t help but root for, and juicy romantic entanglements.

A light, immensely enjoyable read perfect for whiling away a sunny afternoon, this wry, witty mystery also offers interesting insights on the strange power our fictional creations can take on in our own lives. Verdict: add Every Time I Go on Vacation Someone Dies to your TBR!

As for whether to read or listen to this one, I’ve seen other reviews talk about the footnotes being distracting if you’re reading it. It took me a second to figure it out in the audiobook, because I wasn’t expecting footnotes in a novel, but I thought they worked well in audio. It really felt like Eleanor was a good friend letting you in on all the juicy details. So, I highly recommend the audiobook for this one!


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