Book Review: A Simple Wedding by Leigh Duncan

Can you imagine an entire town dedicated to being the nation’s top wedding destination? Instead of t-shirt and souvenir shops, the streets of town are lined with everything you need to plan the wedding of your dreams: the florist, bakery, wedding dress shop and even a store where you can buy your something blue.

I’m a Hallmarkie through and through, so I eagerly devour books from Hallmark Publishing. A Simple Wedding is the first in Leigh Duncan’s Heart’s Landing series with Hallmark, and the second book A Cottage Wedding is already out as well.

A Simple Wedding

A Simple Wedding

Heart’s Landing on the Rhode Island coast solely exists to make wedding dreams come true. The streets have names like Procession Avenue and Officiant Way. Our heroine Jenny Longley has always dreamed of a wedding in Heart’s Landing. She just wasn’t planning on it being her cousin’s instead of her own.

Jenny’s cousin Karolyn “Kay” Karter is a famous Hollywood actress whose whirlwind romance with her costar has turned into an engagement. The couple wants a secret wedding free of paparazzi, so Kay has decided to send Jenny, who is also her personal assistant, to Heart’s Landing to plan a simple gathering for 50 guests.

To keep reporters off the scent, Jenny is to go to Heart’s Landing and pretend to plan her own wedding. That’s all well and good until Jenny collides (literally) with Nick Bell, owner of I Do Cakes. And, you guessed it…sparks fly.

As Jenny falls in love with both Nick and Heart’s Landing, her demanding cousin makes it increasingly difficult for her new friends in town to love her back. Will they understand when they find out all the hassle has been for a Hollywood celebrity who is sure to bring the town some free publicity? And will Nick forgive all of Jenny’s lies?

Grab your own copy of A Simple Wedding and find out!

Beware: there are cupcakes basically on every other page that will have your sweet tooth begging for a treat!

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