Blue Fall Decor

Because my coastal decorating style consists of lots of blues, aquas and teals, I’m always in search of blue fall decor. So, I figured as long as I was doing the legwork, I might as well make it easier for all of you with a similar style to find the best blue fall decor!

I love that I can put little accents around my house that blend into my style and don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Navy, turquoise, teal, powder blue . . . they all mix so well together and have a classic clean look that I love. That doesn’t mean orange has no place in your fall decor, there are lots of fun blue fall decor pieces that mix in paler shades of orange that I just adore.

My Picks for Blue Fall Decor

From blue pumpkins to centerpieces, wreaths, plates, pillows and more, here are some of my favorite blue fall decor finds!

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