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If your result is Second Chance Romance…

There’s something gut-wrenching about Second Chance romances that always pull at the heartstrings. Childhood best friends who couldn’t make it work? Exes who were separated by situations out of their control? Or just simply reigniting a spark that never extinguished…

Here are some suggestions for Second Chance Romance novels you might enjoy:

Happy Place by Emily Henry

Harriet and Wyn, once the epitome of the perfect couple since college, now find themselves in an unspoken separation. Five months have passed since their breakup, yet they haven’t disclosed the truth to their closest friends.

As they reunite for their annual week-long getaway at a Maine cottage, the facade of their relationship remains intact. Amidst the familiar rituals of cheese, wine, and coastal air, Harriet and Wyn grapple with their lingering desires for each other while pretending to be unaffected. With the cottage up for sale, they’re determined to maintain the illusion for the sake of their friends. But as they navigate this charade, they question how difficult it will be to feign love in front of those who know them best.

The Summer of Songbirds by Kristy Woodson Harvey

June Moore transformed Camp Holly Springs into a beloved summer retreat for girls after a personal tragedy. Now, facing the threat of losing it all, she turns to her niece, Daphne, and Daphne’s lifelong friends, Lanier and Mary Stuart, for help.

As Daphne grapples with a past relationship (second chance romance!) and a personal-professional conflict, Lanier struggles to reconcile her commitment to her fiancΓ© with feelings for her first love. With secrets unraveling and friendships tested, the trio rallies to save Camp Holly Springs from closure, embarking on a journey that promises to shape their futures.

This one is more women’s fiction than romance, but it has a great second chance romance storyline!

The Book Proposal by KJ Micciche

Gracie Landing, a romance writer grappling with a breakup and writer’s block, finds herself in a haze one night, drunkenly emailing her high school crush, Colin Yarmouth, now a successful attorney with his own regrets. Surprisingly, Colin responds with friendly and flirtatious banter, sparking Gracie’s curiosity about the man he’s become.

As they form an unlikely friendship, Gracie draws inspiration from Colin’s tales of heartbreak for her writing. However, she remains oblivious to the potential consequences of incorporating his story into her work-in-progress. With deadlines looming and finances tight, Gracie’s decision to borrow Colin’s experiences threatens to unravel her life, career, and chance at love.

The House on Firefly Beach by Jenny Hale

Sydney Flynn finds solace in her cherished family home, Starlight Cottage, nestled on the shores of Firefly Beach. However, her peace is shattered when she encounters Nate Henderson, her childhood sweetheart who abruptly vanished from her life without explanation.

A decade of heartache and unanswered questions follows Sydney’s painful breakup with Nate. Now, he returns as a changed man, a successful songwriter in stark contrast to the carefree beachgoer she once knew. Despite Nate’s attempts to reconcile, Sydney struggles to forgive him, especially as a new threat looms over Starlight Cottage.

How to Plot a Payback by Melissa Ferguson

An utterly delightful romantic comedy that’s an absolute must-read for fans of the genre! With impeccable comedic timing, the author deftly creates a riotous will-they-or-won’t-they dynamic as screenwriter Finn Masters plots hilarious revenge against his old friend and current costar Lavender Rhodes, the effervescently charming actress who has unwittingly been his personal nemesis since childhood.

What ensues is a masterclass in romcoms – Finn’s hilarious schemes comically backfire one after another, forcing him to re-evaluate his grudge against the woman he’s dubbed his lifelong nemesis through whip-smart banter and tenderly moving moments that reveal unmistakable chemistry. With prose so witty you’ll be laughing through tears, this uproariously funny yet deeply heartwarming tale of old wounds and second chances is simply unputdownable.

Sweet Pea Summer by Alys Murray

Eight years have passed since May Anderson’s high school sweetheart, Tom Riley, left Hillsboro behind. Now, with Tom’s return, they find themselves unable to avoid each other’s presence.

Tasked with organizing the North West Food and Wine Festival for Hillsboro, Tom seeks May’s assistance to repair his tarnished reputation. As they collaborate on the event, they must learn to trust each other once more, with the entire town depending on their success.

Despite May’s determination to guard her heart, she can’t ignore the changes in Tom, now a grown man. Likewise, Tom finds himself drawn to May’s smile. Yet, a secret stands between them, threatening to derail their chance at rekindling their old romance until they confront it head-on.

Christmas Charms by Teri Wilson

Ashley anticipates the Christmas of her dreams, a romantic trip to Paris with her boyfriend Jeremy, complete with a long-awaited velvet box. However, her plans take an unexpected turn when she finds herself on a train to Owl Lake instead, waking up with an intriguing antique charm bracelet adorning her wrist.

As Ashley discovers that each silver charm on the bracelet predicts real-life events, she grapples with the implications for her relationships with Jeremy and Aidan, her high school sweetheart turned local firefighter. Amidst the charm bracelet’s mysterious revelations, Ashley wonders if there’s still hope for her to experience the perfect Christmas she’s been longing for.

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