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If your result is Grumpy Sunshine…

This dynamic can be a joy to read: you’ve got the protective nature each have for the other; the moment when the grumpy one is only soft for their sunshine, and sunshine being supported by the grumpy man of few words supporter.

Here are some suggestions for Grumpy Sunshine novels you might enjoy:

Christmas at Fireside Cabins by Jenny Hale

Christmas is tough for Lila Evans. She’s all alone, left with only memories of the heartbreaking time when she lost her father. But this year, Lila’s in search of a home away from home––and the countryside retreat of Fireside Cabins sounds like the perfect place. Yet Pinewood Hills, tucked in the snow-topped Tennessee mountains, doesn’t offer the small-town welcome she’d been expecting. And when Lila stops at the local coffee shop for a much-needed peppermint latte, the rugged, surly owner Theo Perry gives her a reception as icy as his piercing blue eyes.

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