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If your result is Contemporary Romance…

Contemporary romance encompasses quite a few sub-genres, so I’m going to focus on sweet/clean romance and rom-coms, two of my personal favorites.

Sweet/clean romance: You believe in happily ever afters, and reading is an escape from your everyday life. You want that emotionally-satisfying ending that leaves you smiling. Hallmark movies are your happy place, and you love a man who’s willing to tell the woman he loves exactly how he feels about her. If you want to escape to a charming small town where you get to know characters beyond the heroine and hero, these books are for you.

Rom-Coms: You love awkwardness, confusion or even a little hi jinx on your way to happily ever after. Lighthearted and funny, these books can be sweet/clean or a little steamier. There’s often something big one or both of the main characters doesn’t know about the other. If you find yourself going back to movies like When Harry Met Sally, Pretty Woman and Sleepless in Seattle, the books are for you.

If you lean toward Hallmark-esque small town romances, try:

A Simple Wedding by Leigh Duncan

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The Magnolia Sisters by Alys Murray

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Sweet Pea Summer by Alys Murray

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The Perfect Hideaway by Alys Murray

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Sandover Beach Memories by Emma St. Clair

This one is the first book in a Christian sweet romance series

If you lean toward rom-coms, try:

If the Shoe Fits by Julia Murphy

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She’s Faking It by Kristin Rockaway

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Island Affair by Priscilla Oliveras

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Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey

Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert

The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa

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