Book Review: Kilt Trip by Alexandra Kiley

Kilt Trip pulled me in with the title and then delivered a witty and charming love story set in the Scottish Highlands. I enjoyed the little virtual overseas vacay, and I was rooting for Addie and Logan the whole way!

Addie Macrae, a globetrotting travel consultant, finds herself on an unexpected adventure when she’s sent to Scotland to revive a struggling family-run tour company. Her mission: to inject some modern flair into the business while navigating the rugged charms of its owner, Logan Sutherland. What ensues is a delightful clash of cultures and a battle of wits as Addie and Logan butt heads over their differing perspectives on tourism.

However, beneath the surface tensions lies a secret connection that binds Addie to Scotland’s mystic landscapesโ€”a handful of faded Polaroids of her late mother. In a heartwarming gesture, Logan creates a private tour retracing the steps of Addie’s mother, allowing her to find closure while appreciating the country’s hidden gems.

As they embark on this intimate journey, sparks fly between the unlikely pair, igniting a forbidden attraction that threatens to derail their professional objectives. Author Alexandra Kiley masterfully weaves together romance, humor, and a love letter to Scotland’s untamed beauty, creating a reading experience that will leave you enchanted and yearning for your own Scottish adventure. I’ve been, and now I can’t wait to go back!

With its endearing characters, witty banter, and rich descriptions, Kilt Trip is a must-read for anyone who loves a good romantic comedy with a twist of wanderlust (and some seriously sexy scenes).

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If you like this one, I’d also recommend Starting Over Scottish by Tricia O’Malley. Set at Christmastime in Scotland, it’s another funny rom com with a sexy Scot.


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